Who We Are



An essentially different relationship between humankind and nature is necessary; one that reflects our dependence on nature and need to live in harmony with the natural world. This requires providing the highest legal protection, one that recognizes the rights of both humankind and nature to health and well-being.

Water is routinely extracted, commodified, and polluted by corporate, governmental activities with little to no financial, civil, criminal, or moral accountability. This is unsustainable as all of life depends on clean water for survival.

Protect Our Watersheds is a political arm of Community Rights Lane County and created to move forward an ordinance to secure Right of Waters and Watersheds to sustainable recharge, flows sufficient to protect native fish habitat, and clean water unpolluted by any activities of corporations, governments, and other business entities. We are a group of dedicated Lane County residents that believe our right to protect our watersheds are inherently more important than corporate bottom lines.

Read the Lane County Watershed Bill of Rights!