What does the Lane County Watershed Bill of Rights Do?


This bill is a rights of nature initiative that provides legal protection for nature via giving rights to our watersheds.

It will:
a)  Secure legal rights for all watersheds within Lane County to exist, flourish, and naturally evolve including sustainable recharge, sufficient flows to protect native fish, and clean water unpolluted by corporate or governmental activities;
b)  Secure residents’ rights to accessible, clean, and affordable domestic drinking water free of harmful contamination;
c)  Prohibit corporations and government from violating these stated rights;
d)  Secure the right of residents to enforce these rights against corporations, government, or other business entities engaging in activities that violate these rights;
e)  Establish liability for damages to the watershed in proportion to the cost of restoration, and establish penalties for continuing violations in proportion to the cost of restoration;

f)  Provide protection and compensation for employees for reporting violations to the rights secured.